How to make comfort look stylish

I have so many blog post ideas spinning through my head! I chose however, to start with this one as it epitomises me:

“whilst I yearn to emanate style constantly, it can be an utterly exhausting state of reality and really I just want to throw on joggers and flip flops and be comfy” (TellulahJuggles, 2017).

Whether it’s nipping to the shop for milk, having coffee with the mummies after baby’s swim lesson or doing the nursery/school drop-off, despite the obvious convenience and comfort of  throwing on joggers and a hoody,  our innate vanity prevails us to preen and poise ourselves. The precious time we waste on trying appear effortlessly stylish could be added to those “not enough hours in the day” we so avidly complain about.

Well I propose that it is possible to adorn comfy clothes with minimal effort and still look fabulously chic! It’s undoubtedly become more socially acceptable in recent years to adorn ‘active wear’ socially, where in the past should you dare wear your sweaty gym kit out-with the refines of a fitness establishment people would look you up and down as if you were drenched in radioactive sweat. I also believe that it doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve this look. Some designer sports tights come in a costs comparable to that of a pair of Gucci loafers! I know which I’d rather have if I had the spare cash! I’m talking about shopping high street, investing in some key pieces and styling them with basics and styling them garments you may likely already have in your wardrobe. Here are my top tips to achieve this look…


Tip: Throw on a statement jacket on top of joggers to funk up a basic slouchy look. This can work with denim, leather or even a blazer…


Shop the look: Jacket (similar): click here Shoes (similar): click here T-shirt (similar): click here Joggers: click here



Shop the look: Jacket (similar): click here  Joggers: click here



For credits and to shop the look: click here


Tip: Invest in a sports jacket. Lightweight and versatile, these can be worn with sports tights, jeans or even with a pair of heels for a casual evening out…


Shop the look: Tights (similar): click here T-shirt: click here Jacket click here


Tip: Try contrasting a dressier piece of clothing with casual pieces. For example, a crisp white shirt with joggers…


For credits and to shop the look: click here

Tip: …or a light knit top and loafers…


hmprodFor credits and to shop the look:click here


Tip: …or even a heel with the sportiest of trousers can look good…


For credits and to shop the look: click here



For credits and to shop the look: click here


Tip: If, however, you’d prefer the comfort of a flat shoe then consider a sandal or sporty slider…IMG_0457

Shop the look: Hoody (similar): click here Joggers: click here Sandals (similar): click here


Tip: A staple piece worth investing in for the sport look is a black tight. If considering a sports branded one then a thin sheen tight gives a slimming illusion compared to a thicker matt running tight. They are also easy to get on/off, wipe clean (handy if have an infant) and dry very quick after washing (handy if in a rush). Alternatively, a pair of high street black leggings have the same versatility. Just stick with a smooth or sheen finish rather than a wool/knit effect to maintain the sporty look…


Shop the look: Jacket: click here Tights (similar): click here T-shirt (similar): click here Sliders (similar): click here


Tip: Lastly, accessorise! The simplest of outfits can look good and stylish with the right piece of fashion hardware…


For credits and to shop the look: click here



Shop the look: Hat: click here



 Shop the look: Sunglasses (similar): click here


Shop the look: Sunglasses (similar): click here


For credits and to shop the look:  click here



Closing tip: Keep colours and patterns neutral and simple. This makes each piece more versatile and easier to wear on repeat. Finally, have fun! Use your imagination! Ooze confidence! These factors are by far what will make you pull of the casual comfortable look with style!

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