About me



Hello there, thank you so much for popping by…I’m Julie (and not Tellulah as my blog and Instagram pages imply). I am a mummy, a wife, a doctor and a fitness fanatic. I have no educational background or work-experience in fashion and don’t profess to being a fashion expert! So why would you want to read my blog? Keep going and I’ll tell you…

I’m like you…a normal girl, juggling normal life activities and stressors, whilst trying to maintain a degree of style! For me, fashion is an emotion…it expresses my mood and my personality. It’s one of my crutches (alongside wine)! It makes me feel better about myself (who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy, or a compliment on your outfit?)

Being stylish has been important to me for as long as I can remember. However, after having my son designer handbags and heels were no longer practical or affordable (hence my favourite hashtag #nappiesinsteadofgucci). Not only were my financial resources drained, my fashion mojo had been yanked out of me with my baby and my style leaked out of me faster than my breast milk.

However, after some procrastination, I got myself together and decided to realign my style with my new life. I got physically fitter and healthier and adapted my fashion to my new budget, figure and lifestyle. I am the happiest I’ve ever been within myself. I am therefore excited to share with you the new me…I hope you enjoy TellulahJuggles!

(first blog post will be with you shortly…watch this space x)


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